#NewTomorrow Campaign 



Hello, my name is Anita Bagdi and I am a parent of two little girls, a children's book illustrator and a worried warrior of climate change. 

#NewTomorrow is a campaign ran by volunteers of Parents For Future UK and Mothers Rise Up to help children, young people, their parents and hopefully our leaders to think, visualise and build a better, sustainable future. 

We all feel there is a real urgency for change. There is a global need to recover economy and meet climate change demands to build a stronger, fairer and more resilient society that looks after both humans and the natural world that sustain us. 

There are many conversations going on about necessary changes needing in transport, housing, fast fashion, food production, social justice, education and so on. 

Still, we realise that we clearly need to IMAGINE and PICTURE our more sustainable future before we start building it. 

And this is the point where I thought maybe I can ask YOU, as fellow illustrators and visual story tellers to support the Parents For Future UK and Mothers Rise Up campaign with sharing your amazing imaginations about a positive and greener New Tomorrow. 


There can be so many great answers! What's YOUR vision? 

We need to shout with our visual voices that we stand with the children and their parents for whom we create art on a daily basis. 


Do you have a picture in mind of a positive, sustainable NEW TOMORROW? 

  • Draw it. Then share it.

  • Post it to social media sites, Twitter, Instagram tagging @parentsforfuture_uk, @mothersriseup and use #NewTomorrow if you add any comments. 

  • Image size: 1080X1080

  • Share the campaign, invite your illustrator friends to add their colour palettes to the New Tomorrow.  

Let's show the world what we all should see! Little or big changes, we urgently need them all! 

Thanks to you all! You are amazing! 

Example tweet: 

I'm an Illustrator supporting children and parents @parentsforfuture_uk and @mothersriseup in their campaign to visualise and build a sustainable #NewTomorrow. Here is my vision, what's yours? 

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