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Anita Bagdi 


Willow tells a beautiful story of resilience and courage. A story to help children see that life will knock us down, but we all have the courage to withstand the storm and to rise again. To rebuild again. To find new life and light again. Written by Elisabeth Sophia Published by Little Steps Publishing Australia, 2023

My Piano

Explore the workings of a grand piano through the eyes of a young musician as she prepares for and performs her first recital to a crowd of friendly faces. Using lyrical text and a cumulative structure to introduce the instrument, curious readers will easily develop an appreciation for its beauty and design. Written by Jen Fier Jasinsky Gnome Road Publishing, September 2023

Who will care for me?

'Who will care for me?' is an educational picture book for children age 6+ to help start a conversation with your child or young students about climate change. Written by Helene Costa de Beauregards Self-published, 2023

Beresford Bear

‘Exhausted from his day, a crackling fire thawed the air. The first sleep in his brand-new home, for Beresford the Bear.’ Beresford has just moved into his cosy new cottage in the forest. But will his noisy new neighbours EVER let him get any sleep? Beresford Bear - written by Elisabeth Sophia Little Steps Publishing Australia, 2022

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Losing things can be hard but it's always so exciting when we find them again! But what happens when we lose something we can never get back? A little girl shares some of her fondest memories as she tries to make sense of losing something very, very special. Best Children's Picture Book Award by DayBreak Press, 2022 Daybreak Press aims to create positive cultural change through literature.

If You Were Here

If You Were Here is a beautiful rhyming story for little ones who have lost someone important to them. Through a little boy's journey of loss and hope, If You Were Here shows us how we are always and forever connected to those we cherish. Written by Elisabeth Sophia Little Steps Publishing Australia, 2021

Kimi and the Land of Feathers

While on holiday in the mysterious forest of Bambaloor, 8-year-old Kimi befriends a Featherling and is whisked off to the Land of Feathers. Only she can find the safest hiding place for the Featherlings' big book of knowledge. But when things take an unexpected turn, Kimi fears she has put her new friends in grave danger. Can she outsmart evil Lark who will stop at nothing to become the new Featherqueen? Written by Eszter Molnar Self published, 2020

Winter Awakening

Two snowmen and a snowgirl awaken to find their creators, whoever they were, have abandoned them in a world still hidden, at every turn, by the thick white of winter snow. Their new universe is indeed a wonderland of wonder, but it’s also a terrifying mystery, a strange and foreboding puzzle which together they must unravel and desperately find a meaning for. Winter Awakenings - written by Rob Walker Self-published, 2022

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