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Anita Bagdi

Anita is a freelance illustrator, currently living in Dorset, the sunniest part of UK.


She is Mum of two amazing girls in a neurodiverse family, a book lover, coffee addict and a worried warrior of climate change.

By raising her girls on the autistic spectrum- Anita quickly learnt and understood how being different can add a never-ending wonder and curiosity to our everyday lives. 

With her quirky, whimsical illustrations she loves creating mood, telling stories with heart and important messages, stories that spark further conversations, deeper thoughts, and positive change. She is determined to add her art to missing voices, to help children become more confident in believing in themselves.

Their latest picture book with Husna Rahman, "I Lost Something Very Special" won The Best Children's Picture Book Award from DayBreak Press in 2022.

(Daybreak Press publishes books that give rise to women’s voices and promote positive cultural change.)

In her spare time, Anita creates for climate campaigns that raise awareness and urge climate action.


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